Our People

  • Katherine founded Latent to leverage civic innovation and social impact to design more equitable spaces and systems. Since founding her practice in 2010, Katherine and her firm have prototyped new urban design systems to advance urban agriculture, support small business, created spaces for youth makers, advanced building innovation, and created public space frameworks.

  • Over the last 20 years, Nicolas has been responsible for the design through construction phase on an impressive range of mixed use, office, residential, hospitality, education, exhibition, and planning projects throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. With each project he has explored a pursuit of the quality of design as a progressive process informed by the forces of site and circumstance, culture and climate, program and function. 

  • Louisa Zheng is an architectural designer and artist interested in the mediation of physical spaces. Compelled by the sociopolitical frameworks that concretize into built environments and lived experiences, she works in various media such as community participatory processes, mapping, material studies, and other modes of documentation and design.

  • Drew is an architectural designer with experience working at varied scales and contexts. He has practiced in offices in Chicago and Minneapolis. Drew is interested in how designers engage with legal frameworks, labor conditions, and extractive forces that presuppose architecture. Drew has also worked closely with artists and art institutions to produce architectural installations, publications, and symposiums. He co-founded the utopic spatial practice, Interesting Tactics and was previously a visiting instructor at South Dakota State University.

  • Damla is an urban and architectural designer who recently graduated from Illinois Tech with a major in architecture and a minor in Urban Studies. During her education, she gained an interest in the sociology of spaces and sustainability. She has recently received the LEED Green Associate certificate as a commitment to eco-conscious design and aims to foster a future where aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility seamlessly converge. With almost two years of experience, Damla's goal is to use her skills and passion in urban design and sustainability to inspire design solutions that harmonize with the social and cultural intricacies of communities.

  • Daham is an architectural designer and researcher with professional experience across multiple scales of project and firm size. Prior to his time in practice, Daham completed his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Michigan, where his work revolved around the legal and economic frameworks that determine architectural production and with climate justice organizing amongst students and faculty. Daham has produced architectural installations, published writing, and organized symposiums, lectures and reading groups.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the amazing contributors to developing Latent projects and process over the years:

  • Katia Astudillo
  • Yaro Banduro
  • Maria Carrizo
  • Sanjana Chavadi
  • Shafaq Choudry
  • Vea Cleary
  • Summer Coleman
  • Sheree Emmanuel
  • Terrence Hector
  • Navjot Heer
  • Taylor Holloway
  • Kulsum Ishrati
  • Lorin Jackson
  • Melanie Kahl
  • Richard Kasemsarn
  • Tina Kress
  • Juan Luna Nunez
  • Skylar Moran
  • Kristen Moreau
  • Debbie Morris
  • Devon Morris
  • Marta Rivas Muro
  • Rahman Polk
  • Robert Prochaska
  • Lester Scaife
  • April Soetarman
  • Ava St. Claire
  • Tyler Stoeckel
  • Florence Twu
  • Itzi Velazquez
  • Fran Xavier
  • Kelsey Zlevor