Altenheim Line Framework Plan

Project Description

The project explores the possibility of a “rails and trails” greenway along the current CSX Altenheim railroad corridor through the North Lawndale community area. This greenway would be built as a community amenity as an elevated Rail & Trail. However, the proposed greenway also runs through an industrial and residential area with large amounts of vacant and underutilized property. The Framework Plan is intended to guide industrial & commercial development, and a residential housing strategy, to bring new vibrancy and stability to the neighborhood and avoid the displacement pressure that has occured around previous amenities like the 606.

Project Details

Chicago, IL
Department of Planning and Development, City of Chicago


SOM, North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council, Hood Design Studio, SB Friedman, Ware Realty Group, Engage Civil, HNTB

Project Gallery

Illustration of the Homan Square Focus Area
Illustration of the Lawndale Plaza Focus Area
View north on Homan Avenue toward Nichols Tower
Illustration of the Central Park Focus Area
Illustration of the Pulaski Focus Area
Our neighborhood will be vibrant, healthy, green and safe—a place where children can grow and families can put down roots.