BLK + BRWN Market

Project Description

The BLK + BRWN Market is reimagining co-working and co-retail with a new platform for creative professionals to network and collaborate both virtually and in real life. Supporting black and brown-owned businesses can have broader ripple effects; these enterprises are the employers for black and brown workers and can be a driving force for community development in their neighborhoods. BLK + BRWN Market, acts as an ecosystem designed to bring modern business amenities to over looked communities. Amenities that attract aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs with tools like office & meeting space, media studios, programming for wellness, mentoring and business coaching, a built-in marketplace for emerging designers and retailers and a food hall.

Project Details

Chicago, IL
Cultural, Retail
BLK + BRWN Market
Culture. Community. Collaboration.

Project Gallery

  1. 1 First Floor

    Cafe, Member Lounge, Beauty Studio

  2. 2 Second Floor

    Coworking, Private Offices, Content Studios

  3. 3 Rooftop

    Roof Deck, Green Roof

An Ecosystem for Economic Empowerment
The right business ecosystem can mitigate or negate the effects of structural obstacles to business for black business owner adding $290 Billion in business equity.

McKinsey Institutefor Black Economic Mobility

Better connections Build better communities. More than a remote working location, there will be dedicated office memberships, individual memberships, and a micro-retail membership and dining spaces for #GatheringOnPurpose Collaboration.