North Side Community Recreation Center

Project Description

Partnered with MA Architects, Latent Design led the design, community engagement process and facilitated the synthesis of community input into the initial conceptual design for a community recreation center in Des Moines. Undergoing a six-month inclusive and comprehensive planning process the feasibility study benchmarked comparable facilities and analyzed the potential of an existing facility versus a new construction facility. Concurrently throughout the project, community meetings and input guided the preferred building and partnership direction.

The City of Des Moines committed a minimum $12 million over four years to a new construction community recreation center and park with fundraising goals and partnership anticipated for an additional $6 million. The anticipated construction completion date is in 2025.

Project Details

Des Moines, IA
33,000 SF
Feasibility Study
City of Des Moines


Lead - MA Architects, Landscape Architecture - Genus Landscape Architect, Equipment - Sports Facilities Companies

Project Gallery

Clerestory windows bring in plenty of natural light for the gym
Classrooms will have large windows and a calm interior
Outdoor courts and meandering sidewalks through the park
Sightlines are maintained through the corridors
The outdoor campus creates generous amounts of park land for the community center and nearby residents to enjoy
I want to be aspirational for this community. If we are going to do something for this community and turn it around, then we need to invest bigger.